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  • Image matters to the world in every way imaginable. Most importantly, image matters to

  • The most essential element of image is confidence. Self-image has a lot to do with self-
    confidence. Simply put, when you look good you feel good.

  • Knowing that you are presenting your best authentic self in both professional and social
    situations, is an essential step to achieving your authentic goals.

  • My mission, as a wardrobe consultant and as a personal empowerment specialist is to
    motivate and empower women to make the right image choices.

  • My mission as a woman, is to show that how we present ourselves has much to do with
    our life choices available.

  • From the outside-in to inside-out, right choices build our self-confidence and enhance
    our personal power when they are built on authenticity that is in true alignment from
    sole to soul.
Personal Presentation / Image Services
For many women the process of creating a personal style you love can feel confusing. It can
feel like there are too many choices. There are countless social pressures, as well as aging
and body issues to sort through. I can help you simplify the process while teaching you how
to flatter your shape and dress appropriately for any and all personal and business occasions
without wasting time and money. You will also learn that how you present yourself has much
to do with what you attract into your life.

Personal Empowerment
We all struggle from time to time with facing fears and making changes in our lives. Whether
you are going through a challenging transition or have a goal you want to achieve, you can
learn how to meet challenging goals, and break through your "blocks." To me it's all
connected, whether it's adult dating, getting over an illness or searching for a new job, the
approach is the same. All big changes begin with the first small step. Learn a step- by- step
process so you can gain the insight and clarity needed, set the right goals and tap into your
own personal power.  

Lisa Gettis Jewelry Designs
After a career in fashion and business I discovered a passion for jewelry making. It began to
address the voids of found in the marketplace when searching for just the right piece for
myself and clients. As a former design student I apply my love for color and aesthetics to
create fun and fresh yet elegantly classic designs. Inspired by the beauty of nature, my
unique jewelry designs polish a look.
When You Look Good You Feel Good
Every Woman Should Feel Beautiful Every Day
Image Matters - Image Makeovers Good for the Soul
General Service Areas
To do so, you must embrace your authenticity sole to soul.
offers a wide range of services designed to
empower women in key areas or their lives, inspiring each
woman to be their very own personal best. Even with just one
personal one-on-one session you will have the tools to make
changes in your life.
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Every Woman Should Feel Empowered Every Day
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